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Firstly, let me state that I'm no kitchen expert. Baking and cooking is simply two of my passions and I'd like to share this passion with others. Secondly, kitchen & aroma is a way to keep my own recipes in one place, and store my favourite recipes from others. When cooking I've always been unafraid to experiment. However, I used to be more traditional when baking (though I always used raw cane sugar instead of white sugar), then finally, in 2008, I made my first cake from scratch: a french chocolate cake. It was so well received among friends that I had to continue on this path.

I'll be adding to this list in the future.


  • Before starting, read the recipe thoroughly. Make sure you use the same size of baking tins, etc. , if the exact size is given
  • Please note that I hardly ever indicate the number of servings, just keep in mind that I'm always cooking/baking for a family of five: two adults and three children. I've come across recipes that say e.g. serves 4 and I could have fed an entire football team (and belief me, my children have a good appetite)
  • When baking healthy 'a dash of something' is an absolute no-no! You have to follow the recipe because it contains less fat, less sugar, etc.
  • Not all ovens are the same. You will have to adjust the temperature if using fan assisted ovens, and probably the baking time as well. My advice is to always write it down when you get good results by changing the baking time or temperature. That way you learn how your oven works
  • In all my recipes, 1 tablespoon (tbsp) = 15 ml
  • I use virgin coconut oil when baking instead of butter. If the oil is solid I simply put the jar in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes. Please make sure that water does not get into the jar
  • I use organic/fair-trade cocoa powder
  • If possible, buy free-range/organic eggs, meat, etc.
  • I use organic raw cane sugar. There are many types out there and you can simply use what you like best, preferably organic/fair-trade. However, some types can be very coarse and, therefore, are not suitable for certain recipes. I always point out if a recipe calls for fine raw cane sugar
  • I use gluten free baking powder; use 50% less if using regular
  • For American readers:
  • In my recipes 1 cup = 250 ml. Please keep in mind the measurements of the following common ingredients: 100 g raw cane sugar = 1/2 cup and 130 g spelt flour = 1 cup

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